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What does it cost to attend?
Multimedia fees vary from year to year and have typically been from $30-$50 dollars. These fees help cover some of the materials we use and some of the conferences and events that we attend.
Is it possible to attend the Multimedia program at Pickerington for just the technical lab or do I have to stay the whole day?
You can take all of your academic classes at Pickerington, or you can go back to your home school during your lunch period. You must have reliable transportation and be willing to give up your lunch period.
Would I graduate from Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools?
No, you will graduate from your high school. If a student is home-schooled, the student will need to make arrangements to receive his/her high school diploma from another institution.
Can I still play sports at my home school?
Yes, it is possible to continue most extracurricular activities offered by your home school, whether it’s sports, cheerleading, or clubs. Please check with your school for possible limitations.
Is transportation available?
No. Since Multimedia is a satellite program offered at Pickerington High School North, you are required to provide your own transportation.
Can I take college preparatory academics in conjunction with the Multimedia program?
Yes. Multimedia is a college preporatory program. In fact, over 90% of Multimedia students go on to college each year. Many students that have gone on to college have benefited from the college credits that they earned while in Multimedia.
Do you think the Multimedia program is a program that will prepare students for this field in college?
Absolutely. Multimedia is a college prep program. The expected outcome is for students to attend college to further prepare for careers in this field. The curriculum for the program is determined by the business partners who identify the skills that their employees will need. From there, college and high school instructors meet to determine the appropriate level of learning that should be achieved by high school students and by college students. This process is reviewed every few years to ensure that the skills learned in the program are highly valuable both for college programs and the businesses that will ultimately be recruiting these workers. Many former Multimedia students have reported how far ahead of their peers they are when the begin taking classes in college.

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