Fragments Foundation Web Site


The Challenge

This site was designed for the Web Site Design Team competition in 2015-16, sponsored by Business Professionals of America.  The challenge was to create a PSA web site about a topic of your choosing.

The Results

Created by Sarah Riedlinger, Lindsay Klenzman, Tanisha Thomas, & Makayla Pinoni, this site features a self-assessment of risk factors related to alcoholism, a detailed section outlining the body’s physiological response to alcohol abuse, and an abundance of education & resources for those affected by alcoholism.  It won 1st place in BPA Region 14, 1st place in the state of Ohio, and 1st place in the nation in Business Professionals of America’s Web Site Design Contest in 2015-16!  These students completed a back-to-back National Championship run!

Want to see this site in action?